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Black Mage Vlad by DarkArtistKaiser
Black Mage Vlad
The Black Mage is my favorite class in the Final Fantasy series. Sure, you don't get armor or fancy smancy swords, but what is that compared to turning your foes to ice or burning them to ash?
Sinight Pool Fun
While neither are ones for summer, there is always pool time fun to be had.

We have Dragga to thank for this one. He had a idea when I mentioned Sinistar was my top favorite old school arcade game. He had the thought of Night and Vlad playing such a game in the pool.

I am honestly tempted to do a "after" pic. XD
So for those who may not realize, I'm a fan of the Sly Cooper series. Than again it was one great series to come from Sony. I played and beat the first one and wanted to get back into the series in 2 and 3, but never did for one reason or another. That was, until I got the Sly Collection, letting me play the games at long last.

The thing is, as I played the games I always noticed something off putting to me. The games time period is not really defined to me, as it seems piracy in its older form is still going on, along with high tech gadgets and weaponry being as common/seen along side of other techs. Some areas of the world are even radically unbalanced in their scale of tech as well. Granted I can understand not everywhere in the world would be on the same development level as everyone else, but I still find it odd when cars and other vehicles in India are not used, but helicopters, computers, and high tech defenses are being used and even some magic on the side as well.

Than one day I found a lp to Sucker Punchs older game, Rocket Robot on Wheels. A game that ironically has a racoon thief who steals alot of the parks stuff for his own plan to take over as the main mascot. The game takes place in, what I assume, is a far off year for us and is headed by a scientist. Me and a friend joked that JoJo was a decedent of Sly Cooper. Later though I had a crazy thought. "What if its the past?"

So heres what I think happened. Earth became uninhabited by humans who, for one reason or another, left Earth to let it recover from our abuse of it . As such, the scientist(or even more) had evolved/advanced animals and decided to let them go back into the while. Of course humans aren't perfect so they left alot of things behind them. Being advanced they probably didn't think they needed alot of books and things that to them were obsolete and figure time would ultimately degrade them anyway.

Of course, these creatures were not stupid. Able to adapt and survive, time passed and they continued to change. They found alot of the stuff left behind. The records became less a learning tool and more of a ideal, as they started to form civilizations much like humans did, mostly based in the areas they were in. As recording history did not become a thing until some time, much of their pass was simply forgotten. The time periods they went through was them working their way up in recovering the techs. Course its not perfect and as such alot of things either didn't get invented or got invented too soon.…

Last I checked lasers were not exactly a Japanese idea or a thing of the time period.

Not to mention the various other bells and whistles that came with Murrays geisha part.

Clockwork, as he seems to be really tech savy, is known to steal things, and possibly made his metallic body using tech he found and fixing it up to his use claiming it to be his own. Bad mojo is possibly a left over chemical or something of a advanced technological nature that appears like magic. Ghosts and spirits...well I'm not sure. its possibly exposure to it allows one to see things most normally can't(Since it seems that strong areas of "bad mojo" seem to have visible spirits around).

English also is a pretty dominate language despite the various civilizations around the world. Its also likely that English was such a wide spread language, most of the text they found were in English.

If the animals were putting together tech they found while trying to develop themselves and possibly some parts are left out more than others, it would explain the large technolgoical gaps that spring up. Combat biplanes along side advanced combat tanks? Crossbows used along side shock pistols and tommy guns?

As for Sly, Jojo is possibly the start, the beginning of the line, and all others after him are descendants, including Sly.

This is all mostly just things at the top of my head, and anyone here is free to fill in holes/gaps or add to it as they wish.
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